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■Product Details.
Shoulder bags from the brand ``Aeta,'' where you can fully enjoy ``ease of use'' and ``functional beauty'' in a polite, high-quality, and calm atmosphere. This bag features a rounded shape with no corners and a fringe that resembles the end of a muffler. The entrance of the bag is a drawstring bag that opens and closes with a leather strap. It has one main storage area and one inner pocket, making it small but simple and very easy to use. The inside of the bag is fully lined with pig leather. You can also adjust the length by tying the shoulder strap. The design can be used by both men and women, so it makes a great gift.

This collection was born from an encounter with the attractive deer leather.

Deer leather is durable and soft.
Because it is a material that becomes more attractive the more you use it, it has been used for horse harnesses, armor, tabi, etc. since ancient times.
It is also known to be used by Native Americans as clothing and decorations.

While taking advantage of the charm of deer leather, which has a wild, strong, and unique texture,
This lineup has been completed through repeated fine-tuning to create an elegant and sophisticated product.

■Size Spec.
Vertical: 20cm Width: 24cm Depth: 5.5cm Strap: 126cm

■Material & Processing.
outer material) deer leather
lining) pig leather


As this product uses leather, the size and texture of each item may vary slightly. During the processing and production process of leather, there may be small scratches, dirt, or the characteristic odor of leather products. Please note that the above points are due to the nature of leather items. This is a product displayed in a store, so if you are concerned about its condition, please contact us before purchasing.

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