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■Product Details.
A tote bag from the brand "Aeta," which offers a sophisticated, high-quality, and calm atmosphere that allows you to fully enjoy its ease of use and functional beauty. Made from high-quality Italian leather with a strong grain produced in Bangladesh, the material is supple and soft, with the firm thickness and texture that is unique to leather. The handle and body are connected by a single piece of leather, and the bag features a slim, slender form with no gusset. It has one inner pocket. The stitching on the pocket is visible on the outside, making it a simple yet stylish item. It is stamped with Aeta. The design can be used by both men and women, so it makes a great gift.

We focused on creating a simple yet new look while incorporating classic materials and details that have been handed down for a long time, and completed the product after repeatedly creating prototypes in collaboration with the craftsmen who have worked together with us until now.

This collection is made by pasting leather together using Aeta's specialty technique, and is delicately assembled so that seams and unnecessary parts are not visible on the surface.

■Size Spec.
Height: 33cm Width: 23cm

Male model (Hara): 172cm

■Material & Processing.
cow leather


Since this product uses leather, the size and texture of each item may vary slightly. During the leather processing and production process, there may be small scratches, stains, and a smell unique to leather products. Please note that the above points are the nature of leather items. Since this product is displayed in the store, if you are concerned about the condition, please contact us before purchasing.

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