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NNCJK|Acetate & Polyester Light Crepe Double Cross Collarless Jacket #NAVY [NK-NC905JK]

NNCJK|Acetate & Polyester Light Crepe Double Cross Collarless Jacket #NAVY [NK-NC905JK]

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■Product Details.
A collarless design jacket made of ``acetate & polyester light crepe double cloth'' textile. This is a moderately thick double-weave fabric made from a combination of ultra-fine acetate and polyester. The slightly rough and dry texture makes it wrinkle-resistant, and has slight stretch and kickback properties, making it comfortable to wear. The unique luster and deep colors expressed by the high-density weaving give it a calm and mature impression, making it suitable for both "ON" and "OFF" situations. One of its features is the soft material that gives it a comfortable fit and flexibility when worn. The lining is fully lined and made of cupra with good sleeve openings, making it very comfortable to wear. The front has 1B specifications, with hand pockets located at the waist along the side lines. The back hem has a center vent for ease of movement. The cuffs have a genuine face specification. The shoulders and arms are compact, and the body width has just the right amount of room for an elegant box-like silhouette. It can also be worn as a set with bottoms made of the same material.

■Size Spec. [Men's]
[44] Length: 73cm Width: 53cm Hem width: 56cm Shoulder width: 44cm Sleeve length: 56cm
[46] Length: 75cm Width: 55cm Hem width: 58cm Shoulder width: 46cm Sleeve length: 58cm
[48] ​​Length: 79cm Width: 57cm Hem width: 60cm Shoulder width: 48cm Sleeve length: 61cm

■Material & Processing.
Outer material) acetate:80% polyester:20% / EXCLUSIVE FABRIC
lining) cupro:100%


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