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NGOCT|Super 100's Wool Short Beaver Cross Stainless Steel Collar Overcoat #BISCUIT [CW_NC153CT]

NGOCT|Super 100's Wool Short Beaver Cross Stainless Steel Collar Overcoat #BISCUIT [CW_NC153CT]

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■Product Details.
An over-silhouette coat made from "Super 100's Wool Short Beaver Cross" textile. Made of 100% wool short beaver fabric made from 1/10 super100's raw materials. I think it's easier to imagine it if you think of it as melton fabric with a little long pile. The fibers are slowly fulled to make the fluff short and pressed firmly to create a full-faced look and a beautiful shine. The fabric is lighter and more comfortable than it looks. There is one inside pocket on the left side of the back of the body. Stainless steel collar design with a slightly small collar. The front is a 5B specification with Hiyoku style. A patch pocket is placed on the front waist. The back hem has a center vent for ease of movement. Curved sleeves with rear sleeves near the shoulders, gathered cuffs, and elastic. It has a loose and comfortable over-the-shoulder silhouette with plenty of room around the shoulders, width of the body, and arms. It flares from the width of the body to the hem, giving it a casual, natural, and elegant look.

■Size Spec. [Unisex]
[XS] Length: 109cm Width: 69cm Hem width: 77cm Shoulder width: 68cm Sleeve length: 40cm
[S] Length: 114cm Width: 71cm Hem width: 81cm Shoulder width: 71cm Sleeve length: 45cm
[M] Length: 119cm Width: 72cm Hem width: 85cm Shoulder width: 74cm Sleeve length: 48cm

*Female model (Sakuma): 164cm Wearing size: XS
*Male model (Swada): 180cm 68kg Wearing size: M

■Material & Processing.
Outer material) wool:100% / EXCLUSIVE FABRIC
Lining) cupro:55% cotton:45%
sleeve lining) cupro:100%

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