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NDPPO | Split polyester Chinese crepe dolman sleeve pullover #SIGNAL RED [TA_NC193PO]

NDPPO | Split polyester Chinese crepe dolman sleeve pullover #SIGNAL RED [TA_NC193PO]

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■Product Details.
A dolman sleeve pullover made of "split polyester Chinese crepe" textile. Chinese crepe fabric made from polyester thread that becomes microfiber (split) through alkali processing. The fabric is tumbled after weaving, giving it a natural texture and a beautiful falling feel. Although the fabric is thin, it is not see-through, and the color is deep dyed, giving it a deep texture, and even if it has wrinkles, you can see the texture. One of its features is the soft material that gives it a comfortable fit and flexibility when worn. The neck has a classic crew neck design. There is a shallow slit at the hemline along the side line, and the difference in length at the front and back creates depth and movement. The wide silhouette gives off a relaxed impression with room around the shoulders and width of the body, giving it an elegant flex. The dolman sleeve design is characterized by a relaxed fit and flexibility, and the drop shoulders provide plenty of room for the width of the body and shoulders, creating a silhouette that narrows from the armpits to the hem.

■Size Spec. [Ladies]
[38] Length: 61cm Width: 73cm Hem width: 58cm Sleeve length: 60.5cm

*Female model (Ogiso): 158cm Wearing size: 38 (8th to 10th photos)
*Female model (Inoue): 151cm Wearing size: 38 (11th to 13th photos)

■Material & Processing.

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