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NGYSSH | Matte Polyester Typewriter Gathered Sleeve Shirt #95 BLACK [TG_NC0101SF]

NGYSSH | Matte Polyester Typewriter Gathered Sleeve Shirt #95 BLACK [TG_NC0101SF]

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■Product Details.
An oversized gathered sleeve shirt made from ``Matte Polyester Typewriter'' textile. The same fabric is made from matte polyester Taslan processed yarn woven into a high-density typewriter fabric.As the fabric itself is not easily see-through, it can be finished thinly, creating a light and refreshing atmosphere. The SY processing creates fine wrinkles on the surface, giving it a natural texture. The fabric is very easy to handle and does not have noticeable wrinkles even after wearing. The collar has a small collar design and the cuffs have single cuffs. Gathers are added to the sleeve hem and sleeve tips to give it a soft roundness and make it fit neatly. An elegant oversized silhouette with room around the shoulders and width of the body. The buttons are small and luxurious. There is a shallow slit at the hem along the side line. Another quality of this shirt is the carefully aligned stitching. The stitching is the same color as the body for a plain look. This is a piece that you can use for a long time and is easy to incorporate into your coordination.

■Size Spec. [Unisex]
[XS] Length: 65.5cm Width: 65cm Hem width: 65cm Shoulder width: 57cm Sleeve length: 46cm
[S] Length: 80cm Width: 65cm Hem width: 65cm Shoulder width: 57.5cm Sleeve length: 52.5cm
[M] Length: 80cm Width: 66cm Hem width: 66.5cm Shoulder width: 58cm Sleeve length: 57.5cm

*Female model (terao): 166cm Wearing size: XS
*Male model (Kikuchi): 169cm 57kg Wearing size: S

■Material & Processing.


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