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NRBO6T | Matte polyester ribbed knit 6/4 sleeve T-shirt #LIGHT GRAY [GE_NC0404T6]

NRBO6T | Matte polyester ribbed knit 6/4 sleeve T-shirt #LIGHT GRAY [GE_NC0404T6]

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■Product Details.
Pullover tops made of "matte polyester rib-like knit" textile. A deep-colored knit with double knitting, the front surface is made of strong twisted polyester long fiber yarn with a core-sheath structure with high shrinkage polyester in the core, and the back surface is made of polyester yarn with aligned polyurethane threads. It's fabric. This is a rare knit that looks like ribbed knitting on the surface, but is actually pique-like knitted. Unlike ribbed or telecoated fabrics, it has a sense of stability as a product and is very easy to handle. By washing the product and tumble drying it, it has a relaxed and casual atmosphere, while also giving a calm and mature impression.

Elegant V-neck design with just the right amount of opening at the neck. The dolman sleeve design gives room around the shoulders and width of the body, creating a wide silhouette with a relaxed impression. There is plenty of room around the armholes, but the width is narrowed from the armpits to the hem, creating a good balance as a whole.

■Size Spec. [Ladies]
[36] Shoulder width: 66cm Width: 70cm Length: 64cm Sleeve length: 14cm
[38] Shoulder width: 69cm Width: 72cm Length: 66cm Sleeve length: 15cm

*Female model (terao): 166cm, wearing size: 38

■Material & Processing.
polyester:98% polyurethane:2%


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