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NOVR6S|Coolmax Polyester & Linen Tropical Small Color Wide Shirt #SLATE GRAY [GE_NC1505S6]

NOVR6S|Coolmax Polyester & Linen Tropical Small Color Wide Shirt #SLATE GRAY [GE_NC1505S6]

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■Product Details.
・Material, fabric
Made with ``Coolmax Polyester & Linen Tropical'' textile, a staple for spring and summer. This is a worsted toro-like plain weave fabric that combines highly twisted polyester yarn and a blended yarn of polyester and linen. Because it uses Coolmax thread, it has moisture absorption, quick drying properties, and stretch properties. As a final step, the product is washed and tumble dried to give it its fullness and texture.

The collar is a regular collar with a stand collar. It has a long length, loose shoulders and body width, and a big silhouette with a relaxed impression, featuring arms that are long enough to cover the elbows and wide enough to cover the elbows. The long sleeves can also be rolled up. The buttons are made of luxurious black matte buttons, and the smaller buttons add a subtle accent. There is a shallow slit in the hem along the side line, and the difference in length at the front and back creates depth and movement. The carefully arranged stitches are also part of this shirt's charm. The stitch color is the same color as the body for a plain impression. It is easy to incorporate into your coordination, and is a piece that you can wear regardless of trends.

■Size Spec. [Unisex]
[XS] Shoulder width: 60cm Width: 65cm Length: 73cm Sleeve length: 40cm
[S] Shoulder width: 63cm Width: 69cm Length: 77cm Sleeve length: 45cm
[M] Shoulder width: 66cm Width: 71cm Length: 81cm Sleeve length: 48cm

*Male model (Kikuchi): 169cm 57kg Wearing size: M
*Female model (Inoue): 151cm Wearing size: XS

■Material & Processing.
polyester:72% linen:28% / product washed and tumble dried


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