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NRNPO|Coolmax Polyester & Linen Tropical Small Color Sleeveless Pullover #BLACK [GE_NC1508PO]

NRNPO|Coolmax Polyester & Linen Tropical Small Color Sleeveless Pullover #BLACK [GE_NC1508PO]

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■Product Details.
・Material, fabric
Made with ``Coolmax Polyester & Linen Tropical'' textile, a staple for spring and summer. This is a worsted toro-like plain weave fabric that combines highly twisted polyester yarn and a blended yarn of polyester and linen. Because it uses Coolmax thread, it has moisture absorption, quick drying properties, and stretch properties. As a final step, the product is washed and tumble dried to give it its fullness and texture.

The collar has a different shape on the front and back, with a small collar on the front and a round collar on the back for a feminine design. A concealed zipper is designed along the center seam on the back, making it easy to put on and take off. Box silhouette with room around the shoulders and width of the body. The hem is made into a gentle round with an almost flat hem, and is finished with a unique and well-fitting pattern work that balances the roomy width of the body. This is an impressive piece with an elegant and beautiful silhouette created by the falling feel of the material.

■Size Spec. [Ladies]
[38] Shoulder width: 58cm Width: 60cm Length: 67cm

■Material & Processing.
polyester:72% linen:28% / product washed and tumble dried


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