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N2TPT #Natural [RB_NC1102PF]

N2TPT #Natural [RB_NC1102PF]

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■Product Details.
・Material and fabric
"Polyester corduroy"
This corduroy fabric is woven using thin polyester threads for the warp and medium-thick threads that are a mix of polyester and nylon for the weft. Compared to regular cotton corduroy, this fabric is less stiff and has just the right thickness, yet you can enjoy its softness and loose feel.

*Although you can wash it at home, we recommend washing it separately using a net as it tends to collect lint and fibers.

Easy pants design with elastic waistband and drawcord for fine adjustment. The deep rise gives just the right amount of room around the waist, and the tapered silhouette has a relaxed look with a tapered hem, and the length is from ankle length to full length. Two out tucks are added to the front to create a unique pattern that creates a beautiful, rounded silhouette. You can arrange the silhouette by adjusting the position of the waist. There is a hand pocket at the waist, and the back has a flap pocket only on the right side.

■Size Spec. [Unisex]
[XS] Waist: 66-90cm Total length: 90cm Rise: 38cm Thigh width: 34cm Hem width: 19cm
[S] Waist: 69-93cm Total length: 94cm Rise: 39cm Thigh width: 35.5cm Hem width: 20cm
[M] Waist: 72-96cm Total length: 97cm Rise: 40cm Thigh width: 37cm Hem width: 21cm
-The waist is made with easy pants so it can fit a wide range of sizes.

*Female model (Kimura): 159cm Wearing size: XS

■Material & Processing.
polyester:90% nylon:10%

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