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NREOPO #Ecru [CA_NC0507PO]

NREOPO #Ecru [CA_NC0507PO]

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■Product Details.
・Materials and fabrics
"Stretch polyester matte typewriter"
This is a plain weave typewriter fabric made of stretchy polyester thread. The thread is woven at a high density with little sheen and little transparency, so you can wear it even in light colors without worrying about it being see-through. It also has good stretch, so it is comfortable to wear. It is a very easy-to-handle fabric with quick-drying properties.

A pullover shirt with a wide silhouette that gives plenty of room around the shoulders and body . The length of the front and back is different, and the dynamic silhouette creates a feminine look. The collar is small and the sleeves have single cuffs. A concealed zipper along the center seam of the back makes it easy to put on and take off.

■Size Spec. [Women's]
[3] Shoulder width: 59.5cm Width: 58cm Front length: 59cm Back length: 73cm Sleeve length: 38cm

*Female model (Kimura): 159cm wearing size 3
*Female model (Matsuo): 156cm, wearing size 3

■Material & Processing.
Polyester: 100%

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