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NOOFCD #Ecru [CA_NC0511CD]

NOOFCD #Ecru [CA_NC0511CD]

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■Product Details.
・Material and fabric
"Stretch polyester matte typewriter"
Plain weave typewriter fabric made from stretchy polyester thread. The fabric is densely woven with threads that have little luster and are difficult to see through, making it a fabric that can be worn in light colors without worrying about being see-through. It also has good stretch, making it comfortable to wear. It is a very easy-to-handle fabric with quick-drying properties.

・Design: A round neck cardigan made with a loose over-the-shoulder silhouette. A piece made with specifications that are somewhere between a cut-and-sew and a shirt. In addition to opening the buttons and wearing it as a jacket, you can also close the front to create a cut-and-sew look. The sleeves are designed to be a little short for a relaxed look.

■Size Spec. [Unisex]
[3] Shoulder width: 60cm Width: 58cm Length: 69cm Sleeve length: 43cm
[4] Shoulder width: 63cm Width: 61cm Length: 73cm Sleeve length: 47cm
[5] Shoulder width: 66cm Width: 64cm Length: 76cm Sleeve length: 49cm

*Female model (Kimura): 159cm Wearing size: 3

■Material & Processing.

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