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LANA01|3/72 17.5μ wool socks #BK(HEEL,TOE)×WHITE [FA15041]

LANA01|3/72 17.5μ wool socks #BK(HEEL,TOE)×WHITE [FA15041]

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■Product Details.
"3/72 17.5μ Wool Socks" Wool socks made from textile. High-fitting socks with impressive toe and heel transitions. By changing the count from the toe to the heel and knitting with a high gauge, we pursue a comfortable fit. It is a great supporting role to casually decorate your feet. This is a very nice product that would make a great gift.

■Size Spec.
[38] Size guide: Approximately 22-24cm

■Material & Processing.
wool:80% polyester:16% polyurethane:4% / EXCLUSIVE FABRIC


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