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FFNDPT | Melange multi-linen plain weave 1 tuck easy pants #MOSS GREYMIX [AR_FR116PF]

FFNDPT | Melange multi-linen plain weave 1 tuck easy pants #MOSS GREYMIX [AR_FR116PF]

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■Product Details.
Eight-quarter length easy pants made from ``melange multi-linen plain weave'' textile. A plain weave fabric made from a mix of four materials and dyed in a deep mélange style using different dyes. It has a slub and nap feel, and a mix of various colors, giving it a slightly old-fashioned and vintage feel. Most of the materials are polyester and triacetate, so although it is a light and thin fabric, it does not wrinkle easily, making it stable and easy to wear. As a final step, the product is washed and tumble dried to give it its fullness and texture. Easy pants design with elastic waistband and drawcord for fine adjustment. There are hand pockets at the waist and flap pockets on the back. The wide, straight silhouette has a generously deep rise to create room around the waist, and is gently tapered around the hem for a relaxed look. The front is out-tucked and the unique patterning creates a beautiful, rounded silhouette.

■Size Spec. [Unisex]
[XS] Waist: 70-85cm Total length: 84cm Rise: 36.5cm Inseam: 48cm Thigh width: 32.5cm Hem width: 21.5cm
[S] Waist: 73-88cm Total length: 87cm Rise: 37.5cm Inseam: 50cm Thigh width: 33.5cm Hem width: 22cm
[M] Waist: 74-89cm Total length: 90cm Rise: 39cm Inseam: 52cm Thigh width: 33cm Hem width: 23.5cm
-The waist is made with easy pants so it can fit a wide range of sizes.
- Suitable for narrow waists by tightening the string.

*Female model (Maeda): 166cm Wearing size: XS

■Material & Processing.
polyester:44% triacetate:26% cupra:16% ramie:14% / Product washing, tumble drying / EXCLUSIVE FABRIC


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