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FFBSCT | Strong twist cotton heavy calze food coat #CHINO BEIGE [CW_FR131CT]

FFBSCT | Strong twist cotton heavy calze food coat #CHINO BEIGE [CW_FR131CT]

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■Product Details.
A kimono hood coat made of "high twist cotton heavy calze" textile. Made of thick and crisp calze weave fabric woven from highly twisted cotton. Strong twisting makes it less prone to wrinkles and has a loose feel, making it easier to handle. As a final step, the product is washed and tumble dried to give it its fullness and texture. Features loose kimono sleeves. The slightly compact hood provides a well-balanced look even when worn with the front open. The front has 5B specifications and uses ring dot buttons. A large patch pocket is placed at the waist. There is a deep slit at the hem along the side line. It has a spacious and comfortable big silhouette with plenty of width around the shoulders and body, and the balance is adjusted by the width of the sleeves.

■Size Spec. [Unisex]
[XS] Length: 106cm Width: 67cm Hem width: 69cm Shoulder width: 63cm Sleeve length: 40cm
[S] Length: 112cm Width: 68cm Hem width: 73cm Shoulder width: 65.5cm Sleeve length: 46cm
[M] Length: 117cm Width: 71cm Hem width: 74cm Shoulder width: 68cm Sleeve length: 48cm

*Male model (Kikuchi): 169cm 57kg Wearing size: S
*Female model (terao): 166cm Wearing size: XS

■Material & Processing.
cotton:100% / Product washing, tumble drying / EXCLUSIVE FABRIC


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