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FCPFDT|20/10 Salphy fleece wide pullover hoodie #95 BLACK [TA_FR152TF]

FCPFDT|20/10 Salphy fleece wide pullover hoodie #95 BLACK [TA_FR152TF]

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■Product Details.
A pullover type hoodie made of "20/10 Sulfy Fleece" textile. The fabric used is a classic 20/10 thick fleece material that is woven into a pile like a towel. It has a worn-in texture and is characterized by a heavy and sturdy feel. Finished with product dyeing and tumble drying, it has a relaxed and casual atmosphere, yet gives it a calm and mature impression. It has an oversized silhouette with plenty of room around the shoulders, width of the body, and arms for a comfortable and relaxed look. The sleeves and hem are folded and sewn to improve durability. It has two sleeves and a slit at the hem that creates a difference in length at the front and back. The finely aligned and carefully stitched stitches are also a great feature of this pullover, and FIRMUM is particular about the fact that you won't feel any stress even when it comes into direct contact with your skin. It is a piece that is easy to incorporate into your coordination and can be used for a long time.

■Size Spec. [Unisex]
[XS] Length: 68.5cm Width: 66.5cm Hem width: 62cm Shoulder width: 68cm Sleeve length: 38cm
[S] Length: 74.5cm Width: 69cm Hem width: 65.5cm Shoulder width: 70.5cm Sleeve length: 43cm
[M] Length: 79cm Width: 72cm Hem width: 68cm Shoulder width: 73.5cm Sleeve length: 47cm

*Female model (terao): 166cm Wearing size: M

■Material & Processing.
cotton:100% / product dyed, tumble dry


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