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FMFOCT | 40/1 organic cotton/strong twist weather mod coat #95 BLACK [TG_FR0101CT]

FMFOCT | 40/1 organic cotton/strong twist weather mod coat #95 BLACK [TG_FR0101CT]

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■Product Details.
An oversized mod coat made of ``40/1 organic cotton/strong twist weather'' textile. The material is a plain weave slightly sweet weather made from 100% highly twisted organic cotton No. 40 single yarn. By directly washing the gray fabric with water and drying it in a tumbler without any sorting, the rough texture and wrinkles are enhanced. It has a dry touch characteristic of highly twisted yarn, yet has a slightly soft texture. A characteristic of this fabric is that there are strong wrinkles and smudges throughout the fabric that cannot be removed even with ironing, such as raw creases and lightning wrinkles. A loose, oversized, big silhouette with plenty of room around the shoulders, body width, and sleeve width. You can adjust the silhouette by tightening the drawcord at the waist. It has a relaxed yet unfashionable silhouette that is unique to FIRMUM. Although the sleeves are set-in sleeves, the sleeves are lowered to create a smooth silhouette that naturally flows from the shoulders to the sleeves. The front has a fly-style design and opens and closes with a zip. Fishtail design on the back hem. Patch pockets with flaps and hand pockets are located at the waist. With its high quality, simple design, and silhouette, this item will be worn for a long time.

■Size Spec. [Unisex]
[XS] Length: 111cm Width: 76cm Hem width: 87cm Shoulder width: 70cm Sleeve length: 43cm
[S] Length: 117cm Width: 78cm Hem width: 94cm Shoulder width: 73.5cm Sleeve length: 47cm
[M] Length: 123cm Width: 82cm Hem width: 96.5cm Shoulder width: 79cm Sleeve length: 49cm

*Female model (terao): 166cm Wearing size: XS
*Male model (Takiguchi): 168cm 50kg Wearing size: S

■Material & Processing.
cotton:100% / product washing, tumble drying

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