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FWML6P| Nylon tussah/garment dyed M47 shorts #GREY MIST [GE_FR1010P6]

FWML6P| Nylon tussah/garment dyed M47 shorts #GREY MIST [GE_FR1010P6]

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■Product Details.
I use "Nylon Tussah/Garment Dye" textile. Tussar is a type of plain weave fabric that uses slightly thicker threads for the weft to create a horizontally ribbed look. Because it is a tussah weave, it has slight horizontal ridges and is brushed, giving it a soft touch even though it is nylon. The fabric feels puffy and gives out light volume. As the product is dyed, there may be large puckering, the color may not be applied to the seams such as rolled seams, and the color may appear slightly uneven, but these may occur due to the nature of this fabric. This is a feature of

The product is washed, dyed, and dried in a tumbler to give it a relaxed and casual atmosphere, while also giving it a calm and mature impression. The waist is easy to adjust with elastic and drawcord. In addition to seam pockets on both sides, a cargo pocket with a statement design on the thigh area, and a flap pocket on the right side of the back for a total of 5 large-capacity pockets. A tuck in the front and a unique pattern create a beautiful silhouette. The length is slightly longer, making it easy to wear even for those who don't usually wear shorts.

■Size Spec. [Unisex]
[XS] Waist: 66-78cm Total length: 57cm Rise: 40cm Inseam: 19cm Thigh width: 35cm Hem width: 30cm
[S] Waist: 70-82cm Total length: 59cm Rise: 41cm Inseam: 20cm Thigh width: 37cm Hem width: 31cm
[M] Waist: 72-84cm Total length: 62cm Rise: 43cm Inseam: 21cm Thigh width: 38cm Hem width: 32cm
-The waist is made with easy pants so it can fit a wide range of sizes.
- Suitable for narrow waists by tightening the string.

*Female model (terao): 166cm Wearing size: XS

■Material & Processing.
Nylon:100% / Product dyed, tumble dry


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