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FCCLCT| Nylon Tussor Garment Dye Stand Collar Coat #ELEPHANT GRAY [RB_FR1004CT]

FCCLCT| Nylon Tussor Garment Dye Stand Collar Coat #ELEPHANT GRAY [RB_FR1004CT]

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■Product Details.
・Material and fabric: "Nylon Tussar/Garment Dyed" textile is used. Tussar is a type of plain weave fabric that uses slightly thicker threads for the weft to create a horizontally ribbed look. Because it is a tussah weave, it has slight horizontal ribs and is brushed, giving it a soft touch even though it is nylon. The fabric feels puffy and gives out light volume. As the product is dyed, there may be large puckering, the color may not be applied to the seams such as rolled seams, and the color may appear slightly uneven, but this is due to the nature of this fabric. This is a feature of

・Design: Oversized big silhouette with plenty of room in the shoulder width, body width, and sleeve width. It has a loose yet unfashionable silhouette that is unique to FIRMUM, and the stand-up collar gives it a refreshing impression. Although the sleeves are set-in sleeves, the sleeves are lowered to create a smooth silhouette that naturally flows from the shoulders to the sleeves. The front has a fly-style design below the second button, and the back hem has a fishtail design. A single beaded pocket with a flap is placed at the waist.

■Size Spec. [Unisex]
[XS] Shoulder width: 68cm Width: 72cm Length: 115cm Sleeve length: 42cm
[S] Shoulder width: 72cm Width: 75cm Length: 121cm Sleeve length: 46cm
[M] Shoulder width: 76cm Width: 78cm Length: 127cm Sleeve length: 50cm

■Material & Processing.
Nylon:100%/ Product dyed, tumble dry

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