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FSKYP #OLive [CA_FR0804OO]

FSKYP #OLive [CA_FR0804OO]

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■Product Details.
・Materials and fabrics
"Polyester nylon high count twill"
This is a high-density twill fabric, with polyester warp threads and nylon weft threads. The vertical wrinkles emphasize the unevenness, and while it has the luster of synthetic fibers, it also has the worn-in feel of old clothes. Although it is a synthetic fiber, the product is washed to make the seams blend in and give it a deep texture.

・These pants are known as Sakanaya Pants and are made with a unique silhouette. They are uniquely made like the bib pants worn by fishmongers. The removable suspenders can be adjusted in length with a buckle. There is a zipper on the front for easy on and off, seam pockets on the sides, and a flap pocket on the right back. Although they are uniquely made, they are surprisingly comfortable to wear.

■Size Spec. [Unisex]
[XS] Waist: Free Length: 111cm Rise: 61cm Thigh width: 41cm Hem width: 28cm
[S] Waist: Free Total length: 115cm Rise: 64cm Thigh width: 43cm Hem width: 29cm
[M] Waist: Free Total length: 119cm Rise: 67cm Thigh width: 45cm Hem width: 30cm

*Female model (Matsuo): 156cm, wearing size XS
*Male model (hara): 172cm 58kg wearing size S

■Material & Processing.
Polyester: 57% nylon: 43%

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