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■Product Details.
FreshService pullover hoodie. This is a sweatshirt that has been updated to a modern big silhouette by passing the VIBTEX item, which can be called a ``modern uniform'', through the FreshService filter. The fabric is extremely thin, and by using an old-fashioned knitting machine, it has a unique bulky texture that contains more air than usual. Due to the excellent oxidizing power of ``OH radicals'' generated through a chemical reaction between the natural minerals contained in the ingredients of ``DEO FACTOR Antivirus,'' which is the basis of VIBTEX's processing technology, and oxygen and moisture in the air, fibers are In addition to reducing the number of the specific viruses mentioned above, it also reduces the number of bacteria, thereby preventing the occurrence of odors and suppressing the growth of mold. Functional testing conducted by a third-party organization has also proven that certain viruses can be significantly reduced within 2 hours after inoculating the virus onto the surface of the fabric. The silhouette has a boldly wide shoulder and body width, and the length is adjusted to create a loose and oversized big silhouette. The soft texture with just the right amount of drape and the relaxed silhouette give it a modern look. It's not just oversized, it's a slightly longer back section, and the balance of the silhouette has been finely adjusted to create a silhouette that's made with the utmost care and attention to detail, as you'd expect from a simple product. The sleeves and hem have been switched to knit ribbing made of the same material. The hood has a strong presence, and the beautiful silhouette with spindles is impressive. From loungewear to outing wear, this is a special capsule collection that offers a high level of design and versatility, as well as reliable functionality that protects your body and great peace of mind. Embroidered with the collaboration logo and the message FOR A WORLD WITHOUT FEAR.

■Size Spec. [Men's]
[M] Length: 68.5cm Width: 69.5cm Hem width: 49cm Sleeve length: 91cm
[L] Length: 72cm Width: 72.5cm Hem width: 53cm Sleeve length: 94.5cm

*Male model (Sugami): 182cm 72kg Wearing size: L
*Male model (Takiguchi): 168cm 50kg Wearing size: M

■Material & Processing.


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