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■Product Details.
A plain loafer for women named PENNY. The upper material is high shine leather. High-shine leather, which has been specially processed on the surface of cow leather, is a leather material that is attractive for its glossy luster and easy care.

The sole uses a leather sole with excellent breathability and heat resistance. The thin outsole of the loafer creates a traditional atmosphere. They are also lightweight and made using a Mackay stitching method that allows the sole to curve well, making them extremely easy to wear, contrary to their appearance. You can add a lining to your preference, so if you are concerned about care or slippage, please consider this before using.

■Size Spec. [Ladies]

*It may feel slightly tighter than the displayed size. We recommend choosing a size approximately 0.5cm larger than the size you normally wear.

■Material & Processing.


Because this product uses leather, there may be small scratches or stains during the production process.
This item has been tried on in store, so if you are concerned about the condition of the sole, please contact us before purchasing.
Please note that the one-piece rubber sole cannot be replaced with a lift or heel due to its structure.
This product is not rain shoes.
Due to differences in production factories and production lines, this product may have a tag on the outside of the shoe opening and some may not, but please note that this cannot be specified.

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