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■Product Details.
Guepard's GP-07 is an eyewear brand that is based on French vintage frames from the 1940s and 50s, which are still considered to be the highest quality in the world even today, with fine-tuned sizes and other features in a modern style. Guepard uses relatively affordable acetate material, and this combined with the modern, slightly tweaked design makes it the perfect project for an entry into vintage frames. The GP-07 has a smooth rounded lens design and is characterized by a fairly thick framework. Although the design looks basic at first glance when viewed from the front, the thickness of the entire frame gives it a classic French vintage look. Another attractive feature of this model is that while the frame is thick, it has a three-dimensional shape with beautiful curves in various parts, eliminating the feeling of being cramped by the thickness of the frame. The lens is not a demo lens, but a flat lens specially manufactured by Guepard from the beginning. It can be used as a pair of fashion glasses. This special lens is designed to recreate the atmosphere of the era when coating technology did not exist by applying multi-coating only to the back side and leaving the lens surface solid.

By taking your lenses to an eyewear specialty store, you can have them changed to prescription lenses or colored lenses of your choice.

■Size Spec. [Unisex]
[F] Front overall width: 134mm Temple: 143mm Bridge width: 23mm Lens width: 43mm Lens height: 38mm

■Material & Processing.
Body) Acetate:100%


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