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Ultra Compact Terry Crew Neck Sweater #D.GREEN [GM233-70142]

Ultra Compact Terry Crew Neck Sweater #D.GREEN [GM233-70142]

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■Product Details.
・Material and fabric
The fabric is a fleece fabric knitted using a loop knitting machine using high quality cotton thread. This fabric is characterized by its dense texture and firm surface. It's smooth and feels very soft to the touch, so you can enjoy a comfortable fit.

A rounded, oversized silhouette with plenty of room in the shoulders, body width, and arms. Not only is it oversized, but the silhouette has been finely adjusted, such as by making the back part a little longer, making it a Graphpaper original silhouette that is packed with the attention to detail that comes with a simple product. The sleeves are designed with raglan sleeves to create a smooth silhouette that naturally flows from the shoulders to the sleeves. The range of motion around your arms is expanded and you can enjoy a comfortable fit.

■Size Spec. [Men's]
[F] Width: 75cm Length: 75cm Sleeve length: 92cm

*Male model (Sugami): 182cm 72kg Wearing size: F

■Material & Processing.


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