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Suvin Herrigbone Parachute Pants #KHAKI [GM232-40073B]

Suvin Herrigbone Parachute Pants #KHAKI [GM232-40073B]

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■Product Details.
・Material and fabric
The fabric used is Subin Gold, a particularly rare type of Subin cotton that is said to be rare and of high quality. Made with a deep herringbone weave. In addition, this Subin Gold is made by hand-harvesting only the first sprouts that grow in the year, and the first and second picks that grow after that, and each fiber is unique. It is characterized by being extremely long. These sprouts contain a lot of oil and fat, giving the fabric a shine and suppleness not found in other cottons.

Based on military pants that allow for easy movement of the legs worn by paratroopers, this item has been updated with Graph Paper's own interpretation. These parachute pants are characterized by a relaxed silhouette that allows for easy movement, but the large waist can be adjusted to your desired silhouette by tightening the drawcord. It has a very well-balanced mix of parts that follow the real military style, such as large darts in the hem and shapes on top of the balloon, and parts that are shaved off.

■Size Spec. [Men's]
[F] Waist: ~108cm Total length: 104cm Rise: 45cm Inseam: 67cm Thigh width: 42cm Hem width: 22cm
*The waist is adjustable with a drawcord, so it fits a wide range of body types.

*Male model (Sugami): 182cm 72kg Wearing size: F

■Material & Processing.


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