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Compact Ponte Wide Tapered Chef Pants #C.GRAY [GM241-40288B]

Compact Ponte Wide Tapered Chef Pants #C.GRAY [GM241-40288B]

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■Product Details.
・Material and Fabric A brand original jersey material with a glossy and firm feel produced using a high-gauge knitting machine. A blend of nylon based on cotton and a small amount of urethane gives it strength, stretch and comfort. The fabric is moderately thick and has no lining design, making it a fabric that can be worn all year round.

・This is a design brand classic chef's pants updated with a wider thigh width and hem width. The design is inspired by the so-called "chef pants" worn by French chefs.

The silhouette has room at the waist and hips, and tapers below the knees. You can enjoy a beautiful silhouette that is thick but not unfashionable. 4 pocket specifications. Zipper fly on the front.

The waist is designed to be fastened at the desired position using Velcro and elastic, and the fitting can be changed freely, so it fits perfectly on any body type. It has a wide waist and is designed to be tightened with an adjuster to create a silhouette and fit of your choice. The easy pants design allows them to be worn without a belt, making them comfortable to wear.

We also recommend wearing it as a set with a jacket made of the same fabric.

■Size Spec. [Men's]
[F] Waist: 72-90cm Total length: 102cm Rise: 34cm Inseam: 73cm Thigh width: 40cm Hem width: 23cm

■Material & Processing.
cotton:75% nylon:22% polyurethane:3%

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