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Solotex Twill Wide Chef Shorts #NAVY [GM241-40296B]

Solotex Twill Wide Chef Shorts #NAVY [GM241-40296B]

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■Product Details.
- Material and fabric: Made of SOLOTEX material, which is attractive for its high shape recovery, light stretchability, and overwhelming lightness. It is a very convenient material that is comfortable to wear, with a tough fabric and slight stretchability while still being light to wear. It is also nice that it has high kickback properties while still being stretchy, so it is less likely to lose its shape.

Design: Wide shorts inspired by the so-called "chef pants" worn by French chefs. A wide silhouette with room in the waist and hips and volume towards the hem. The waist can be adjusted to fit you as you like using an adjuster, so it fits beautifully on any body type. 4 pockets. Zipper fly on the front.

■Size Spec. [Men's]
[F] Waist: 78-94cm Rise: 31cm Inseam: 24cm Thigh width: 41cm Hem width: 33cm
-The waist is easy to adjust so it can accommodate a wide range of sizes.

Male model (hara): 172cm 58kg wearing size F

■Material & Processing.
Cotton: 70% Polyester: 30%


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