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2-Pack Crew Neck Tee #WHITE [GU241-70101B]

2-Pack Crew Neck Tee #WHITE [GU241-70101B]

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■Product Details.
・Material and fabric: Made from jersey fabric produced using a rare hanging knitting machine, which is only operated in a few factories in Japan. This is a special hanging jersey fabric with a tight weave that is not often seen elsewhere, giving it a firm texture and firmness. The fabric is opaque and firm, yet soft, and very comfortable to wear even against bare skin.

A standard pack T-shirt from Graphpaper. The round body knitting with no side seams means there is less sewing surface that touches the body, making it comfortable to wear even against bare skin. The box silhouette has a moderate amount of room around the shoulders and body width. The neckline is a crew neck design with a ribbed knit, and is made to be durable so it does not stretch even after washing. Sold in a set of two in the original packaging.

■Size Spec.
[2] Shoulder width: 42cm Width: 52cm Length: 70cm Sleeve length: 26cm
[3] Shoulder width: 46cm Width: 57cm Length: 73cm Sleeve length: 27cm
[4] Shoulder width: 50cm Width: 61cm Length: 75cm Sleeve length: 27cm

Male model (hara): 172cm 58kg wearing size: 3.4

■Material & Processing.
Cotton: 100%


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