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Hender Scheme



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■Product Details.
Hender Scheme sandals "CURVACEOUS". Neoprene material is used for the upper cushioning material. The unique shape is inspired by the lane rope I saw while in the pool with my kids. Neoprene is a high-grade material that is scratch resistant and weather resistant, yet extremely lightweight, cushioning, and flexible. It combines comfortable cushioning and safety, so it won't cause pain and provides a soft cushion when walking. The footbed and thong are made of high-quality cow leather material with a fine grain texture. It is supple and soft, and features a moist texture unique to leather. The outsole uses EVA (ethylene and vinyl acetate/EVA resin). Although it is a combination of different materials, the entire sandal is unified in black, giving it an elegant and modern feel. These sandals can be worn in a variety of situations, whether you wear denim or slacks, bare feet or socks.

■Size Spec. [Men's]
[4] [Size guide: 25.5-26.0cm] Outsole: Approx. 29.5cm
[5] [Size guide: 26.5-27.0cm] Outsole: Approx. 30.5cm

■Material & Processing.
upper) chloroprene
lining) cow leather (foot bed leather)
sole) eva sole


As this product uses leather, the size and texture of each item may vary slightly. There may be small scratches or dirt on the leather during the processing and production process. Since all items are created by hand, including color unevenness, each item may differ slightly in color (shade, etc.). Please note that the above points are due to the nature of leather items. This item has been tried on in store, so if you are concerned about the condition of the sole, please contact us before purchasing.

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