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Hender Scheme



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■Product Details.
A book cover from Hender Scheme. After tanning, dyeing and other processes, the leather is scraped off to make the thickness uniform. This process results in the "floor leather" that is not normally used. This durable leather book cover protects the binding of your book from damage while in your bag. It has been ironed to give it a glossy finish, and is available in a wide range of colors. Embossed with the Hender Scheme logo. This book cover can be used by both men and women, and will change over time with use. It also makes a great gift.

*Please note that scratches and other imperfections may be more noticeable on this product as it is made from recycled floor leather that is not normally used.

■Size Spec.
Height: 17cm Width: 25cm

■Material & Processing.
toco leather


Since this product uses leather, the size and texture of each item may vary slightly. During the leather processing and production process, there may be small scratches, stains, and a smell unique to leather products. Please note that the above points are the nature of leather items. Since this product is displayed in the store, if you are concerned about the condition, please contact us before purchasing.

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