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dean #brown [tq-s-oak]

dean #brown [tq-s-oak]

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■Product Details.
The upper is made from Italian double-faced suede.

The heel has a soft counter core, but the rest of the shoe is made of one piece and has a soft finish. The sole is made of natural crepe sole using the stitch down method, and has good bounce and is soft and comfortable to wear.

The cow shoulder of the insole absorbs sweat, so you can comfortably wear them barefoot. Another point is that the color of the suede is very good.

■Size Spec. [Men's]
[4] 25.5-26.0cm

■Material & Processing.
upper) cow leather
lining) hydro stopper
sole) crepe sole


Because each item is handmade using leather, the size and texture of each item may vary. In addition, there may be cases where small scratches can be seen due to processing and production processes, scratches during life, etc. Some items may have been tried on in store, so if you are concerned about their condition, please contact us before purchasing.
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