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Hender Scheme

assemble neck pouch M #pistachio [ol-rc-anm]

assemble neck pouch M #pistachio [ol-rc-anm]

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■Product Details.
The M pouch from the assemble series is characterized by its unique look, with leather connected with rivets, and its special manufacturing process that does not involve any sewing whatsoever.

The material used is glass leather, which features a glossy surface. The contrast with the uncolored leather on the back is also a fun material.

It is a pouch-type design molded in a box shape with a long leather cord that can be carried in any way you like. The opening can be opened and closed by adjusting the strap. It is a size that can be worn as an accessory for short outings or as a smartphone holder. The surface is embossed with Hender Scheme.

■Size Spec.
[ONE] Height: 11.3cm Width: 8cm Depth: 3cm Strap: 118cm

Male model (Hara): 172cm

■Material & Processing.
cow leather


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