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assemble clochette #pistachio [mj-rc-acl]

assemble clochette #pistachio [mj-rc-acl]

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■Product Details.
A wide type handbag S from the assemble series, which has a unique appearance of connecting leather with rivets and a special manufacturing method that does not require any sewing. The material is glass leather, which has a distinctive glossy surface. The contrast with the leather part on the back, which is left undyed, is a fun material to use.

A key chain with a design that looks like a cone-shaped piece of leather wrapped around the key ring. We recommend not only using it as a key chain, but also attaching your favorite items or using it as an accessory.

■Size Spec.
[ONE] Diameter: 5.5cm Height: 8cm Strap: Approx. 90cm

■Material & Processing.
cow leather


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