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i ro se



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■Product Details. i ro se bi-fold wallet assembled by folding a single piece of leather. Made of cow leather with a soft texture made from a combination of plant-based tanning and chrome tanning that is resistant to scratches and stains. This original leather is durable and easy to handle while retaining the texture of natural materials. The more you use this item, the more its flavor will increase, and you can enjoy its unique luster and color as it changes over time. In order to take advantage of the original expression and texture of the leather, surface treatments are kept to a minimum to give it a natural look. The high-quality leather fits easily in your hands and is very comfortable to use. Although it looks simple at first glance, it has the most complex structure in the SEAMLESS series, with coins, cards, and banknotes all separated from each other, and it has more storage capacity than it looks. In addition, there is a partition in the card holder, allowing you to organize and organize your specifications. The back of the coin pocket is also a pocket that can be used to hold cards, receipts, etc. Comes with i ro se original paper box.

■Size Spec. Vertical: 9cm Width: 11cm Depth: 2.5cm Weight: Approx. 90g

■Material & Processing. cow leather


■Attention. Because the product uses leather, the size and texture of each item may vary slightly. During the processing and production process of leather, there may be small scratches, dirt, or the characteristic odor of leather products. Please note that the above points are due to the nature of leather items. This is a product displayed in a store, so if you are concerned about its condition, please contact us before purchasing.

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