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Two-piece torso #GREEN

Two-piece torso #GREEN

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■Product Details.
Kamosuka Doguten is a brand by Yamaguchi Pottery, which has a kiln in Komono-cho, Mie Prefecture, next to Yokkaichi City, where Kimura is located . We have created a mimie special color for the most popular pottery, ``Shikakui Futamono''.

A closed lid that can be used as a storage container or a vessel. It is stackable, so you can pile it up like weights. In addition to using it as tableware, it is also recommended to use it as an incense holder or ash container.

This is the product page for the container part. Lid is sold separately.

about mimie;
Tamaya Co., Ltd., which has developed a business focused on fashion and subculture in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, is collaborating with Mie Prefecture's traditional crafts and local industrial resources to create a brand.
We will continue to deliver the wonderful things of Mie Prefecture, which we can proudly introduce to people all over the country, by adding a little unique idea while preserving tradition.

■Size Spec.
Vertical: 11cm Width: 11cm Height: 5.5cm
Weight: 3 70g

■Material & Processing.


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