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Weaving Art Rug - Small #WHxBLxBK [LM323-RG004]

Weaving Art Rug - Small #WHxBLxBK [LM323-RG004]

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■Product Details.
A rug with a distinctive panel pattern. This item is slowly and carefully woven using our own Schonherr loom using durable linen and strong Shetland wool. The firmly pressed fabric has little sagging, making it a rug that can be used for a long time.

Compact size that can be used as an accent rug in rooms such as the kitchen, entryway, and bedside.

■Size Spec.
[ONE] Vertical: 100cm Horizontal: 140cm
*Due to the weave of the fabric, there is some elasticity, so the dimensions listed are approximate values.

■Material & Processing.
wool:80% linen:20%


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