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■Product Details.

Beaded accessories that can be attached to hats.

Even though it's an accessory, it's also meant to prevent you from losing your hat, and it was created with the idea that +a should be the cutest thing you can safely wear with your important things.

We also recommend attaching it to the keys you use every day. This is a key-key style proposal that lets you turn your keys into accessories. The double ring in the center can be used as a key chain or glasses holder.

Not only can you use it as a necklace or key chain, but you can also use it as a bag charm.

It can be stopped by hooking the hooks on both ends to the rings on the hat. Attach it to a hat to create an arrangement that looks like it's docked with a necklace. (The hats with rings that can be hung are some of the hats in this collection.)

The beads that were once made were painstakingly made as substitutes for tortoiseshell, coral, ivory, and amber, which were created when costume jewelry was popular at the time, and when you look closely, they look just like the real thing. It looks like
There are many interesting beads that can be created using substitute materials in shapes that would not be possible with the real thing. All items are combined with vintage stock that is difficult to make these days. Most are made in Japan.

■Size Spec.
Total length 47:cm

■Material & Processing.
Vintage Beads

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