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■Product Details.
The solid M-size backpack from the MONOLITH Pro Series is a symbol of MONOLITH, combining a basic design that goes with any style with functionality you wouldn't expect from its appearance . The solid type has a slightly wider shape with the back side and front panels joined together.

Thanks to its functionality, which may seem overkill at first glance, this bag allows you to comfortably carry a variety of items in a variety of situations.

-Design: Features a design and functionality that is highly compatible with mobile devices, such as a direct access structure for laptops on the back, a magnetic pocket, and a quick access function for smartphones. Equipped with a large storage space and organizer. Designed to comfortably carry a variety of gear and equipment for business, sports, travel, etc. Complies with general carry-on size and is suitable for travel by aircraft.

CORDURA BALLISTIC AIR 840×1680D Nylon (Polycarbonate Coated)
In addition to the durability of CORDURA FABRIC, which is resistant to abrasion and tearing, the material is lightweight due to the hollow threads. In addition, the highly durable nylon material is coated with polycarbonate to further enhance its durability and water resistance.

ECO FABRIC 420D nylon
ECO FABRIC is a nylon material made from recycled waste resources that reduces raw material consumption, waste, and environmental impact. High-density 420 denier nylon is used for the lining.

The stuff pocket in the main room has a zipper and gusset, making it ideal for storing clothes. It has a capacity of 10L and is designed so that the contents stored inside are not visible to the public. There is also an organizer on the outside of the pocket.

It can store digital peripherals such as AC adapters, cables, and mice. The nylon mesh fabric makes it easy to see the items inside. There is also a security pocket at the bottom where you can store valuables.

A new magnetic pocket allows for easy quick access to your smartphone, etc. The opening and closing part uses a silicone tab that feels nice to the touch. A cable hole is placed through the inside of the pocket and the inside of the main body.

The direct structure allows smooth and quick insertion and removal of the PC during baggage inspection at an aircraft, etc. The size is large enough to store a 16-inch class laptop.

The shape and structure of the bag fit your body to reduce the burden on your shoulders and waist. It also comes with a load lift strap and chest strap to further improve the fit. It can be used comfortably in a wide range of situations, from daily use to trips.

The flat shape reduces bulk and allows for smooth loading and unloading of luggage while reducing snagging. The hollow nylon tape combined with a core material provides excellent grip.
The use of reinforcing materials provides high durability.

RCW uses Racquet Coil, a zipper with a double-layered element. Racquet Coil is a zipper developed for bags and backpacks that require high abrasion resistance. By using a double-layered element, the strength is more than twice that of a normal RC zipper. The chain is designed not to break easily. It is also water-repellent with WATER-R specifications. The puller is made of TPU material, which is flexible and strong.
The FLY FRONT's main pocket and front pocket are designed to combine authentic style with waterproofness.

■Size Spec.
Height: 45cm Width: 40cm Depth: 16cm
Capacity: 26L
Weight: 1.2kg

Wearing size: Male model (hara): 172cm

■Material & Processing.
Outer material) CORDURA Ballistic AIR 840 x 1680D
Lining) ECO FABRIC 420D nylon

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