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Wallet Pants RESORT GC #SHADOW [TT-004R-GC]

Wallet Pants RESORT GC #SHADOW [TT-004R-GC]

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■Product Details.

《Wallet Pants: Smart Security》
Wallet Pants is a series developed for travelers that focuses on the security of valuables. It also has pattern work to make long flights more comfortable.

[Equipment and functions]
・Security cargo pocket -
The long wallet-sized zipper pocket hidden in the fabric of the diagonal pocket can store not only passports but also air tickets. Since it can be accessed with your hands in the pocket, it can also be used as a security pocket, and it is also designed so that you can put it in and take it out of the pocket without having to stand up in a small cabin.

・Hybrid belt
Depending on the TPO, you can pass it through a belt or use it as easy pants.

Concept - [Master Code: Golden Mean of Anonymity]
Material name: GHOST CODE
Features: 360° stretch washable

The GHOST CODE series, developed with the concept of clearing all dress codes, is a clothing line that is compatible with all dress codes. GHOST CODE elegantly anonymizes the wearer's impressions, allowing it to slip through any dress code as if it were undetected by radar.

Textile - [GHOST CODE]
The special color developed for GHOST CODE, named Shadow, is a golden ratio derived by TEATORA, who researches dress codes. The colors, which seem to materialize shadows, convey a sense of dignity and tranquility, elegantly anonymizing the wearer's impression. In addition, this GHOST CODE exclusive textile has the most dynamic range of motion in TEATORA's history, which is hard to imagine from its classical appearance. This series does not restrict the movement of the human body at all, and its bold elasticity and strong kickback give you a comfortable range of motion.

・A series suitable for a variety of business, formal, and everyday situations.
- Classic look like vintage wool serge.
・Stretch performance with excellent elasticity, comfort and durability. The texture is dry and has a slightly crunchy taste.
・The thickness of the dough is about the same as regular, but not too thick. The firmness gives it an elegant silhouette.
- Textile suitable for 3 seasons (spring, autumn, winter). It dries quickly after washing and is resistant to losing its shape.
-Wide tapered silhouette with room for hips and rise. 1 tuck design.
- By emphasizing the tapered shape, it has a thick but elegant voluminous feel.
・Easy pants with elastic waist and spindle design, suitable for a wide range of sizes.
・Can be worn as a set with tops from the GHOST CODE series.

■Size Spec. [Men's]
[2] Waist: 67-87cm Total length: 102cm Rise: 30cm Inseam: 70cm Thigh width: 36cm Hem width: 21.5cm
[3] Waist: 70-90cm Total length: 103cm Rise: 31.5cm Inseam: 71cm Thigh width: 37cm Hem width: 22cm
[4] Waist: 73-93cm Total length: 104cm Rise: 32cm Inseam: 72cm Thigh width: 38cm Hem width: 22.5cm

■Material & Processing.
nylon:79% polyurethane:11% polyester:10%


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