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Wallet Pants CITY DR #BLACK [TT-004C-DR]

Wallet Pants CITY DR #BLACK [TT-004C-DR]

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■Product Details.

Wallet Pants: Smart Security
Developed for travelers, the Wallet Pants are a series focused on the security of valuables and feature patternwork to make long flights more comfortable.

[Equipment and Functions]
・Security cargo pocket -
The long wallet-sized zipper pocket hidden in the lining of the diagonal pocket can hold not only your passport but also your air ticket. It can be accessed with your hands in the pocket, so it can also be used as a security pocket, and is designed so that you can take things in and out of the pocket without having to stand up in the narrow cabin of an airplane.

Concept - [DOCTROID Series: Extreme Heat Cancelling]
Material name: DOCTOROID
Function: Cool to the touch, breathable and quick-drying Composition: NYLON 87% POLYESTER 10% POLYURETHANE 3%

The DOCTOROID series is the coolest in the history of TEATORA, developed to cancel the physical exhaustion caused by the intense heat. Once you experience this overwhelming coolness, you will not be able to imagine midsummer without DOCTOROID. It will reduce fatigue caused by the heat and maximize your creative performance.

Textiles - [DOCTOROID]
"The science of summer"
The textiles exclusively for DOCTOROID, developed with this concept in mind, are packed with essential functions for the summer.

① Cool to the touch, surpassing the ICESCAPE series
② Overwhelming breathability,
3) Ultra-fast drying, releasing heat through evaporation.
④ Heat dissipation system by punching the internal mechanism

The above features provide an overwhelming coolness and washability. Once you experience the overwhelming coolness and easy care, you will not be able to imagine midsummer without DOCTROID.

- Teatra's original textile has a cool feel to the touch and excellent breathability and quick drying properties.
The special heat dissipation specifications provide a cool feeling to the touch, improve ventilation and reduce uncomfortable stuffiness.
-A straight silhouette with just the right amount of relaxation.
-The waist is easy to adjust with a spindle and elastic, so it can accommodate a wide range of sizes.
- 4 pockets (with zippers). Concealer zipper. Large capacity.
- The entire inside is fully piped, which helps to eliminate unnecessary stress when wearing the garment.

■Size Spec. [Men's]
[2] Waist: 67-87cm Total length: 102cm Rise: 32cm Inseam: 74cm Thigh width: 32cm Hem width: 23cm
[3] Waist: 70-90cm Total length: 103cm Rise: 32.5cm Inseam: 75cm Thigh width: 33cm Hem width: 23.5cm
[4] Waist: 73-93cm Total length: 104cm Rise: 33cm Inseam: 76cm Thigh width: 34cm Hem width: 24cm

Male model (hara): 172cm 58kg wearing size: 3

■Material & Processing.
nylon: 87% polyester: 10% polyurethane: 3% / EXCLUSIVE FABRIC


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