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Wallet Pants RESORT HL #NAVY [TT-004R-HL]

Wallet Pants RESORT HL #NAVY [TT-004R-HL]

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■Product Details.

Smart Security

Developed for travelers, the Wallet Pants series focuses on the security of valuables and features patternwork to make long flights more comfortable.

・ Product number: TT-004R-HL

・ Material name: HOVER LAYER UNIT-01

・ Concept: Experience zero gravity.

Weight: Approx. 150g

Composition: NYLON 100

Features and Functions:

Security cargo pocket

The zipper pocket, designed to be the size of a long wallet and hidden on the lining of the diagonal pocket, can hold not only your passport but also your air ticket.
Since you can access it with your hands in your pocket, it can also be used as a security pocket, and it is designed so that you can take things in and out of your pocket without having to stand up in the narrow space of an airplane.

Hybrid Belt

Depending on the occasion, you can wear it with a belt or just wear it as easy pants.

HOVERLAYER Series Description:

Experience zero gravity.

The HOVER LAYER series was developed with the concept of weightlessness.

It's so light that you'll forget you're even wearing it, as if it's floating on your skin.

An unprecedented lightness will free you from the weight of your clothing.


HOVER LAYER UNIT-01, the first textile adopted by HOVER LAYER, is an ultra-lightweight material that is as soft and smooth as freshly washed silk.

This textile is so light that you hardly notice its mass, and at the same time, it boasts outstanding heat dissipation properties, dissipating heat from inside the garment every time it catches the breeze, as if you were not wearing anything at all.

Incredibly light and amazing heat dissipation.

Once you experience this lightness and coolness, you will never be able to imagine midsummer without HOVER LAYER.

It weighs just 150g. *Size 3

A series based on the concept of being extremely light, cool and comfortable to wear.

The atmosphere is not too formal and is relaxed, just right for a cool, midsummer day.

A special ultra-lightweight material that flutters in the wind.

It has a slightly dry and not too soft touch.

A dull silk-like sheen and a gentle overall texture. (Material is 100% nylon)

It is also highly breathable, allowing heat to be dissipated from inside the clothing every time the wind passes through, reducing uncomfortable stuffiness.

Dries quickly even after washing.

Can be worn as a set with tops from the HOVERLAYER series.

The waist is made of elastic and a spindle for easy pants style, making it suitable for a wide range of sizes.

A wide silhouette with room around the hips and crotch.

By emphasizing the tapered shape, the pants are thick but have an elegant volume.

One tuck design.

Silhouette Explanation

・Wallet Pants Resort: Wide tapered silhouette

This product is made of delicate materials that emphasize texture. If it is caught or rubbed against protruding objects such as accessories or rough surfaces, thread breakage or pilling may occur. In addition, applying strong force to the product may cause it to tear or slip off, so please handle with care.

■Size Spec. [Men's]
[2] Waist: ~87cm Total length: 101cm Inseam: 70cm Thigh width: 36cm Hem width: 22cm
[3] Waist: ~90cm Total length: 102cm Inseam: 71cm Thigh width: 37cm Hem width: 22.5cm
[4] Waist: ~93cm Total length: 103cm Inseam: 72cm Thigh width: 38cm Hem width: 23cm

Male model (hara): 172cm 58kg wearing size: 3

■Material & Processing.

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