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■Product Details.
Denim pants have long been loved as YAECA's standard model. A universal appearance with an authentic 5-pocket design. We are particular about the entire process from thread selection to weaving the fabric, using 13oz selvedge denim originally produced by YAECA. A one-wash process is applied after the product is finished to remove excess indigo dye and stabilize the indigo color, and a sun-dried finish creates a natural wrinkled look and allows the fabric to blend in. YAECA's original indigo denim, which has an attractive bluish and refreshing color, will fade and wrinkle when worn for a long time, so you will appreciate the quality of these jeans even more as they grow. With the thickness and texture of the regular ounce, sturdy fabric, we hope you will use these jeans for a long time as they will last a lifetime.

This is a standard silhouette model. It has a traditional and beautiful tapered straight silhouette with just the right amount of room in the hips and thighs, and a gentle taper at the hem. It has a great balance between the gentle volume around the waist and the tapered shape, making it a silhouette that will easily blend in with any outfit. Zipper fly on the front and YAECA piss name on the back pocket. The name "YAECA" is written on the tuck buttons and rivets.

■Size Spec. [Men's]
[29] Waist: 74cm Total length: 95.5cm Rise: 26cm Inseam: 70cm Thigh width: 29cm Hem width: 18cm
[30] Waist: 75cm Total length: 97cm Rise: 27cm Inseam: 71cm Thigh width: 29.5cm Hem width: 19cm
[31] Waist: 78cm Total length: 97.5cm Rise: 27.5cm Inseam: 71cm Thigh width: 31cm Hem width: 19.5cm
[32] Waist: 80cm Total length: 99cm Rise: 27.5cm Inseam: 72cm Thigh width: 31.5cm Hem width: 20cm
[33] Waist: 83cm Total length: 99cm Rise: 27.5cm Inseam: 72.5cm Thigh width: 32cm Hem width: 20cm
[34] Waist: 86cm Total length: 100cm Rise: 28.5cm Inseam: 73cm Thigh width: 33cm Hem width: 20.5cm
・Due to the product washing process, individual differences may occur. Please consider the dimensions listed as a guide.

*Male model (Takiguchi): 168cm 50kg Wearing size: 29
*Male model (Sugami): 182cm 72kg Wearing size: 34

■Material & Processing.


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