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■Product Details.
・Material and fabric
Made of botanically dyed cotton linen canvas fabric that uses pigments extracted from lily flowers to create a pale yellow overall finish. The densely embossed fabric is highly durable and has a firm and firm feel. When you first use it, it will be hard and stiff, but as you use it, the fabric will become softer and more familiar, giving it a better texture.

YAECA's standard tool bag. This is a small size model. This product is modeled after a vintage bag used to hold tools. By pasting nylon fabric on the insole, it has increased strength and waterproofness. Rivets are inserted into areas that are likely to be subject to stress while the bag is in use for reinforcement. There are 3 large pockets on the outside of the bag, a loop where you can hang towels, etc., and 3 pockets on the inside. The design is highly practical and can be carried in your hand as a tote bag.

The YAECA WRITE line is produced with the concept of "writing, researching, and keeping records." YAECA's unique workwear line uses high-quality, textured fabrics made from natural materials and functional details for wear.

■Size Spec. [Unisex]
Vertical: 29cm Width: 40cm Depth: 16cm

■Material & Processing.
cotton:50% linen:50%


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