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US NAVY PANTS WIDE #white [23641]

US NAVY PANTS WIDE #white [23641]

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■Product Details.
・Material and Fabric Made of twill fabric with high-density cotton threads. It has a tough texture with firmness and elasticity, and the more you wear it, the softer the fibers become, making it a fabric that adapts to your body.

・Design The design is based on US Navy sailor pants, and the overall design has a loose and wide silhouette, making it perfect for street wear. It has room around the thighs and is slightly tapered at the hem, creating a thick yet flattering silhouette. For ease of movement, there is a crotch gadget under the inseam that allows the legs to be opened 180 degrees. There are patch pockets on the front thighs, a characteristic detail of sailor pants, and pockets on both sides of the back. The front has a zip fly design with a WALDES zipper.

The LIKE WEAR line produces military wear for everyday wear through the YAECA filter. While faithfully reproducing the details that should be followed, we develop military wear that has a higher degree of perfection as street wear by paying close attention to details such as the texture, silhouette, and iron pressing method.

■Size Spec. [Men's]
[S] Waist: 77cm Total length: 99cm Rise: 26cm Inseam: 75cm Thigh width: 34cm Hem width: 23cm
[M] Waist: 79cm Total length: 101cm Rise: 26cm Inseam: 76cm Thigh width: 35cm Hem width: 24cm
[L] Waist: 82cm Total length: 104cm Rise: 26.5cm Inseam: 78cm Thigh width: 37cm Hem width: 25cm

■Material & Processing.


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