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■Product Details.
YOKE bar collar coat. This is a product that expresses Barnett Newman's favorite work in jacquard on a basic single raglan sleeve bal collar coat with a fairly large size. Barnett Newman's crayon drawings from the 1940s are expressed in the rough atmosphere of cotton and linen. The fabric used is jacquard material made at a weaving shop in Hanno City, Saitama. Made with 100/2 cotton for the warp thread and 40/1 hemp for the weft thread using a computer-controlled jacquard machine using a German-made Dornier loom. Using computer jacquard control, the fabric has a large, intricate pattern, and is firm and thick, with a unique texture that is firm and crisp. Standard bar collar design, single-breasted design with a classic fly finish. The front uses 5B specifications and high-quality buffalo buttons. The hand pocket is located at the waist, and the structure allows you to reach the bottoms directly by putting your hand in the pocket, passing through the liner. The sides can be opened and closed with buttons from the waist to the hem. To create a minimalist look, the buttons are hidden from view on the front side. The design allows you to enjoy layering by changing the position of the buttons and exposing the shirt or innerwear. The back hem has a center vent. It was created with the intention of making it look beautiful when it moves when worn. This is a product unique to YOKE, which pays close attention to the texture, silhouette, and every detail.

・Barnett Newman (January 29, 1905 - July 4, 1970)
American artist. Representative of abstract expressionism and color field painting. Born in New York to Polish Jewish immigrants, Newman studied philosophy at the City University of New York and then helped his father in his clothing business.
He began painting in the 1930s, and his works at that time were in the expressionist style. In the late 1940s, Newman made an important change in his work, beginning with vertical lines that he called ``zips'' on the screen. Newman is also famous for his series of monochrome paintings in the series ``The Stations of the Cross'' (1958-1964), painted in his later years.

■Size Spec. [Unisex]
[2] Length: 115cm Width: 64cm Hem width: 73cm Sleeve length: 90cm
[3] Length: 116cm Width: 67cm Hem width: 76cm Sleeve length: 92cm

*Male model (Takiguchi): 168cm 50kg Wearing size: 3

■Material & Processing.
cotton:58% linen:42%

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