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■Product Details.
YOKE half sleeve shirt. The fabric is Lexel twill from Hamamatsu. The pattern is inspired by Barnett Newman's work, and the fabric is printed with an all-over pattern in a color scheme that makes it difficult to clearly distinguish the pattern. The fabric is printed using a face-cutting method where the fabric is first dyed and then colored while removing the color, resulting in a fabric with color that penetrates well into the back. We consistently print and finish our products in Kyoto. ``Rexel'' is a material that is flexible, has excellent drapability, and feels very comfortable against the skin. It is characterized by its refreshing comfort as it is highly absorbent. The collar has an open collar, and patch pockets are placed on the left and right sides of the front. The arms are just right and the width of the body has plenty of room for a relaxed look and a comfortable silhouette. The design has slits on both sides along the side line, and by opening and closing the buttons, you can change the silhouette and peek out the layered innerwear. By adding tucks to the left and right sides of the back yoke, the range of motion around the shoulders is expanded, providing a comfortable fit. It is a product unique to YOKE that can be used for a long time due to its high quality, unique design, and silhouette.

・Barnett Newman (January 29, 1905 - July 4, 1970)
American artist. Representative of abstract expressionism and color field painting. Born in New York to Polish Jewish immigrants, Newman studied philosophy at the City University of New York and then helped his father in his clothing business. He began painting in the 1930s, and his works at that time were in the expressionist style. In the late 1940s, Newman made an important change in his work, beginning with vertical lines that he called ``zips'' on the screen. Newman is also famous for his monotone series of paintings in the series ``The Stations of the Cross'' (1958-1964), painted in his later years.

■Size Spec. [Unisex]
[1] Length: 74cm Width: 61cm Hem width: 61cm Shoulder width: 49cm Sleeve length: 32cm
[2] Length: 76cm Width: 62cm Hem width: 61.5cm Shoulder width: 50cm Sleeve length: 33cm
[3] Length: 78cm Width: 63cm Hem width: 62.5cm Shoulder width: 51cm Sleeve length: 34cm

*Male model (Ikeda): 172cm 57kg Wearing size: 1

■Material & Processing.

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