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■Product Details.
・Material and fabric
Made of fleece material that has a fluffy and soft texture that feels like it's being wrapped around you, and a firm fleshy feel. Because it uses POLARTEC® WIND PRO® FLEECE, its biggest feature is that it is four times more windproof than conventional fleece materials. This fleece combines the characteristics of fleece, such as heat retention and ultra-lightweight, while overcoming its only weakness: ventilation. It does not use membranes, which are often used in other windproof materials, so it has high elasticity and flexibility.

YOKE fleece. This item is based on US.Army ECWCS GEN2 LEVEL3 fleece, with no fabric used, raglan sleeves changed to set-ins, and the front changed to a pullover. Minor changes have been made to the hem with a drawcord so that it can be tightened, and the cuffs are only made of flat elastic so that it can be worn like a sweatshirt. There is a zipper on the side, so it can be used as ventilation. There are double zips on both sides along the side line, and the design allows you to change the silhouette or use it as ventilation by opening the zipper. A loose, oversized box silhouette with plenty of room around the shoulders, width of the body, and width of the sleeves, and balanced by the length. Paired with pants made of the same material, it can be worn as loungewear or as outerwear.

■Size Spec. [Unisex]
[2] Shoulder width: 56.5cm Width: 63.5cm Length: 70cm Sleeve length: 61cm
[3] Shoulder width: 59.5cm Width: 65.5cm Length: 72cm Sleeve length: 63cm

■Material & Processing.

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