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■Product Details.
・Material and fabric
Made of high-quality kid mohair mixed with wool and nylon. It is knitted using long-pile yarn called Tam Tam yarn. Mohair, which is the hair of Angora goats, has smaller scales (scaly parts on the fiber surface) than wool, and has a smooth, soft texture and an elegant luster. After knitting the fabric, we apply a brushing process to blur the boundaries between colors, and we apply a crepe process to create a worn-in texture. (Normally, a napping process is applied after the fibers are fulled.)

- A cardigan with a jacquard pattern that pays homage to Ben Nicholson's work, which was the inspiration for the design collection. The neck is V-neck and the front has 5 buttons for a luxurious feel. The delicate texture and coloring of the fur is fun, and you can even peek it out from your outerwear.

・Ben Nicholson (1894 -1982)
British abstract painter. In his early years, he produced works close to those of Paul Cézanne and Cubism. After that, he joined Seven and Five Society, Unit One, and Apstraction-Creation, and turned towards abstract works. Regarding abstract works, he created thoroughly geometric abstract works such as white sculptural reliefs. Many of the works are not just paintings, but often contain sculptural elements, and many of the works are muted in color, such as white or pale colors. He was one of the leading figures in British abstract painting.

■Size Spec. [Men's]
[2] Shoulder width: 60cm Width: 62cm Length: 72cm Sleeve length: 56cm
[3] Shoulder width: 61cm Width: 65cm Length: 73cm Sleeve length: 58cm

*Female model (Kimura): 159cm Wearing size: 2

■Material & Processing.
mohair:38% nylon:37% wool:25%


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