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Iga braided wide easy pants #NAVY

Iga braided wide easy pants #NAVY

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■Product Details.
These easy pants are accented with Iga Kumihimo, a traditional craft from Mie Prefecture, on the waistband.

・Material and fabric
Made with a fabric that has a texture similar to suit fabric, giving it an elegant look. The polyester base has a soft and textured texture that is comfortable. The surface is smooth and silky to the touch. It has a slight stretch and is very comfortable to wear.

Easy with a relaxed wide straight silhouette. It has a deep and roomy rise, and a thick design that falls straight down to the hem. The design overlaps the front part of the waist, creating a piece where you can enjoy the beautiful flex of the fabric. In addition, the waist has a two-tuck design, and the drape of the fabric gives it an elegant and relaxed look. The luxurious use of fabric creates a three-dimensional and deep finish. The waist part is an easy pants specification that allows you to adjust the size with a string. The drawcord uses Iga braid, a traditional craft from Mie Prefecture.

■Size Spec. [Unisex]
[F] Waist: ~90cm Total length: 95cm Rise: 32cm Inseam: 66cm Thigh width: 35cm Hem width: 25cm
-The waist is made with easy pants so it can fit a wide range of sizes.

*Male model (Fujii): 161cm 50kg Wearing size: F
*Male model (Sugami): 182cm 72kg Wearing size: F

■Material & Processing.
Body) polyester:65% rayon:31% polyurethane:4%
parts) Iga braid


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