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WORK CAP - Matsusaka Momen #SMALL CHECK

WORK CAP - Matsusaka Momen #SMALL CHECK

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■Product Details.
This work cap is a collaboration item with ``COMESANDGOES'' that uses Matsusaka cotton throughout. Arrange it as you like, with the brim raised or as it is. It's neither too shallow nor too deep, so you can wear it with just the right silhouette. The inside is fully upholstered with striped shirt fabric for a luxurious feel. There is a piss name and a leather tag on the inside. The size can be adjusted with a leather adjuster belt. This is a hat that can be used by both men and women. A special mail bag is included. This is a convenient and economical accessory that can be used as a bag-in-bag.

■Size Spec. [Unisex]

■Material & Processing.
Body) Cotton (Matsusaka cotton): 100%
・As the material is dyed with real indigo, the color will change from deep blue to a deep blue if you wear it repeatedly or wash it many times.
・Please avoid using it in combination with white or light colored items as the color may transfer. The color will fade when washing, so please wash separately.


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